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10 years of continuous development

Our goal of being the first choice in advanced casting is based on a passion for development in metal casting in combination with a great curiosity to see how far we can take our process development. During more than 10 years Comptech AB has developed processes and alloys to achieve higher functionality and lower total cost for our customers.

It is not a new casting process, it is an melt preparation HPDC process

About Comptech Rheocasting

Our foundry started in 1974 with the introduction of high pressure die casting. Over the years this eveloved into production in Sweden as well as in China with the telecom and automotive industry. In 2008 the first Rheocasting cell was built up and in 2019 the decision was taken to stop being a component supplier but to only offer equipment, know how and component development services to the market.

Equipment from Comptech is based on the deisgn philosofy that no one is interested in the slurry, it is the component quality that matters.  Due to this we have deisgned a machine that is table, reliable and delivers a high quality slurry with a high solid fraction.

We assists our clients and customers to become successful in both  technology and business. To deliver this we have included all relevant know how in our standard offer to make a swift and effective introduction of Rheocasting.

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