Creating development is based on research and trials.  Our R & D process has the following steps to create developments that contributes to our customers success:


  • R & D PortfolioIdentification of a problem. Most applications have the same problem regardless of producer and these common problems are the ones we tries to define and brain storm around.  Once some viable ides has the teams acceptance we move to the next phase.
  • First trials in foundry or laboratory, internal or external.  These trials can be quite simple, as using an alloy where we do not have any experience to in depth research with academia including both material and process developments.
  • Co-operation with potential customers. When results are proven to some extent and we can see a potential solution to a problem, we start the interaction with customers.  The target in this phase is to establish commercial interest.
  • Further development, often I combination with try outs in experimental tools. To reach commercially interesting results we need to make proof of concept wth most often is done with a rebuild old HPDC tool of a soft tool ordered by a customer.  The result in this phase is often a tentative offer to our customer based on the results.
  • Quotes and commercial, at this point there must be a price promise for our customer.  As the development often is made on a test part new quotes including the whole process from metal to delivery must be made before our customer can order production tools. At this phase we analyze the other costs to reach the lowest total cost possible for our customers.
  • Production introduction. Ordering the production tool, checking samples, making different tests as CT Scans, X-rays, measurements protocols and PIPAP are the responsibilities of Comptech and the it is the customers process of design verification that starts before an SOP is submitted.