Dynatool Industries implements rheocasting technology for North America!

March 17, 2020

Dynatool Industries Inc is in the process of acquiring Rheocasting technology for their facility in Montreal. With the addition of the new technology and capacity, Dynatool takes a position in the development of semi-solid components in a wide range of markets.

Jean Claude Tawil comments: ”We are working to attract customers who are looking for opportunities to design components with higher functionality than traditional high pressure die casting can offer”

Martin Hartlieb, who is developing the North American market and supporting new customers says: in collaboration with Dynatool, we now have a first installation in North America and we see them as our key customer for further development, we are happy and honored by their decision.

About Dynatool:
Dynatool Industries is an integrator and solutions provider. The company has developed expertise in the management of complex mechanical units and components. They offer complete support and commitment, from concept stage including prototyping, to complete assembly. They can become your store for all your mechanical component needs. They are located in Canada as well as in Asia, with engineering and manufacturing facilities, but they also offer local inventory management closer to the manufacturing base.

About Comptech AB:
Comptech AB is a research and development-driven foundry that sells equipment for Rheocasting. We also produce parts and components in our foundries in Sweden and China. We have a large R&D portfolio that has resulted in processes and alloys for: thin walls, high heat dissipation, high elongation, high strength and pressure tight parts. We work with universities and customers to reach these results and welcome new potential customers to take advantage of our findings.


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