Rheocasting is a melt preparation process for semi solid casting of components in high pressure die casting machines.  The process was invented in Sweden and further developed during 10 years by Comptech to achieve a stable, reliable and cheap process for high quality parts.

Rheocasting - Incasted steel in a rheocasted part

Rheocasting – Incasted steel in a rheocasted part

Influence on production cost

Basically the process has been developed in the following areas of interest:

  • Short change over from High pressure die casting to Rheocasting in the production cell
  • Short cycle time, slurry preparation is faster than the cycle time in the casting machine
  • Low cost investment, using standard components a based on standard soft ware

Why Rheocasting?

There are a number of casting methods in the semi solid casting family of processes.  The difference between the various processes on the market are:

  • Solid fraction to allow laminar flow, thus above 25-30% solid fraction
  • Homogenity of the slurry, to ensure the same speed of the melt through the filling of the tool
  • Cost of the process, by mixing HPDC and Rheocasting as well as low cost investment

You´ll find answers to all common questions regarding Rheocasting in our FAQ.

Alloys used in Rheocasting

With Rheocasting a wider spectrum of alloys can be used, as shown in the diagram below:

Rheocasting - Alloys

Rheocasting – Alloys