Our research and development activities has lead us to some achievements.  Some of those are in production and some are yet in marketing to become production.  To give some examples we describe them as below.


Thin walls  

Radiofilter telecom

Radiofilter telecom

One example is a product where the designers where able to reduce the wall thickness down to 0,4 mm however with a wall height of 40 mm.  This wall thickness reduction made a weight saving of 1 kg as the part went from 3,6 kg to 2,6 kg, still with a complicated geometry.

Thermal management

One obstacle with traditional high pressure die casting is that the alloys possible contains high amounts of silicon.  With Rheocasting a broad variety of alloys are possible to cast and Comptech has made substantial R&D efforts and the results are that we can cast with very low amounts silicon and other elements that decreases the thermal conductivity.


No casting is totally free of porosities but with semi solid castings the level of entrapped gas pores is so low that welding is applicable as a joining method why more advanced components can be made combining differ castings, extrusions and sheet metal parts.


Reducing wall thickness equals less weight!

Comptech are producers of parts with high elongation, above 9% elongation.  This is enabling the use of semi solid with the result of higher productivity, lower cost and complex designs. The way to make this possible is a combination of melt handling and casting parameters that has been developed with our customers.

Pressure tight 

To get a casting pressure tight is most a question of keeping a laminar flow through the whole casting cycle with a defined solidification route.  The knowledge is used at Comptech for production of pressure tight castings in high volumes were in line leakage tests are used to ensure delivered quality.

Sand cores 

 Whit the laminar flow and a low melt speed sand core technology can be used to shape complex geometries and over molding with two alloys or more.  This give designers more freedom to create parts with lesser need of machining produced in a more productive process than for example gravity die casting.