The overall production philosophy is to integrate all needed processes as far as we can into our own facilities. The reason for this is mostly to have control of quality, lower the risk of supply problems and also to create a total process flow to minimize the total cost. In total there are 5 main processes supporting our casting solutions at our factories:

  • Incasted steel in a rheocasted part

    Incasted steel in a rheocasted part

    High pressure die casting. As Comptech is delivering massive volumes we are working with multi cavity tools with the aim of 8 parts per tool to keep the cost down.  As most of the parts are over molded we work with very precise dimension control.

  • Rheocasting. Is the semi solid process in use at Comptech since 2008.  We have developed the process in terms of productivity as well as the casting tools used in the process.
  • Overmoldning of polymer material on castings.  This process is made with plastic injection machines to cast on polymer materials onto the aluminium castings.  There are overmolding in our both facilities to support the European and the Chinese market.
  • Machining. As far as possible we try to cast the final shape. However, some design features need to be machined, and for this reason we have in-house machining facilities, thereby keeping costs down.
  • Form in place gaskets. The process is used to to get a good EMC protection. The conductive gasket material creates a Faraday cage, which is of large interest in the electronics industry.

Rethinking casting

Todays products are nice, good and often cost effective, sorry that wont do anymore as the environment is putting pressure on us to rethink, and this is mostly true also for the casting industry. 

New product platforms as E-Cars, 5G telecom solutions and many more products are demanding new casting solutions to problems that is new for many industries. Therefore the casting industry must be able to offer solutions to enhance todays products but also to give an opportunity for developers of the coming generations of products. 

To cope with this, we at Comptech has spent resources to identify problems and developed solutions to solve some of today’s problems. Check out som of our achievements here!