The need of new business models

Being a R&D driven foundry Comptech meets more challenges than just casting of advanced components.  Our journey with semi solid casting has given us insight in two fields: how to service product development and how to migrate new technology for quick ramp up to mass production.

Technology migration

New business models for casting

New business models for casting

Once a process or a part has been qualified there is a question about how to handle a massive ramp up and also how to secure supply of critical components.  Our customers have often the following issues to consider:

  • Demand of second source
  • Sourcing on more than one continent
  • Maintain the supply base
  • Maintain competition among suppliers
  • Safeguard the competitive advantage of a new process

Our reply is our Technology migration solution.  In short, we assist with the injection of the technology in current supplier base for our customers.  The model is adjusted to fit special customer requirements out of the following deliverables we have defined as Success factors:

  • Tool management and building of the first tool
  • Test production in Sweden
  • Education of 2: nd source personnel in Sweden
  • On site implementation of Rheocasting
  • On site support through qualification of parts

As for the product owner this model opens a range of interesting possibilities as development of:

  • Design drivers and product optimization
  • Alloys and material characteristics
  • Productivity and cost
  • Support in end customer discussions

To respect our customers efforts and resources spend we offer a application exclusivity that simply means that for a defined time we do not work with our customers competitor regarding the defined application, giving our customer a competitive edge based on developed cost and functionality.

Engineering services

As we work with components with complex demands we service our customers with a range of engineering services as:

  • CT Scans and X ray
  • Material characterizations
  • Design support
  • Simulations
  • Heat treatment trials
  • Trial castings with different alloys