Break through for leak free non impregnated castings

October 30, 2018


In Cooperation with one of the largest Compressor manufacturers Comptech has developed castings leak free without impregnation designed for cars based on Rheocasting.

The use of impregnation has limitations when it comes to the type of gas, the temperature and also the pressure cycling why a number of applications require parts that are leak free without impregnation. The parts concerned were tested with Helium at a pressure of 120 Bars. The challenge was to use homogeneous slurries with a high solid fraction without the introduction of other defects. The process development ha now lead to a stable process for mass production of high quality and low cost components.

With these results Comptech aims to grow in the segment of impregnation free leak tight castings both as a supplier of part but also as a supplier of equipment and know how. To be able to transfer know how Comptech has developed a technology migration model for transferring know how enabling the customer to increase capacity fast with their existing supplier base.

Comptech is an innovative foundry group with production in Sweden and in China. In total 200 people work at Comptech, most of them at the volume facility in Suzhou. R&D center is based in Skillingaryd, Sweden. Almost all R&D efforts has been based on Rheocasting and among recent results leak free components and components with high thermal conductivity (180 W/mK) has now entered the market.

For further information: or call:

Staffan Zetterström, Manager marketing and sales
+46 76 17 15 650