Our goal of being the first choice in advanced casting is based on a passion for development in metal casting in combination with a great curiosity to see how far we can take our process development.  During more than 10 years Comptech AB has developed processes and alloys to achieve higher functionality and lower total cost for our customers.


Vision statement

Comptech AB shall be leading in advanced manufacturing of cast components by continuous development of tomorrows processes

Business idea

To fill the market need of advanced cast components.
How to reach the Vision? Simply, to continue to develop

At Comptech we strongly believe that the world is changing due to several reasons where the environment is the strongest driving force for change. This is forcing developers all over the world to push for higher functionalities of their products as light weight, handle increased thermal demands and more complex shapes to minimize the total number of parts in one product.

We have concluded that today’s industrial solutions are often lack casting technologies to optimize functionality through design and material characteristics.

This development will with certainty give is a leap ahead due to our R&D portfolio why we are in rapid growth as a company.